My Little Singapore

Singapore is lovingly referred to as the ‘Little Red Dot’, but did you know that we play host to other ‘little’-r cultural spaces interspersed amidst our skyscrapers and HDB flats? Join us to find out where these places are!

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06, 07 Aug 2022

See the world through new ‘glasses’ with Elenora Koh who will be taking you through the breathtaking art of stained glass making!

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19, 20, 21 Aug 2022

Despite being a globetrotter well-versed in cuisines from all corners of the globe, Vishakha will be presenting her hometown’s traditional Maharashtrian cuisine. With robust, nuanced and rich flavours, these dishes are sure to be a crowd favourite!

After Hours @ My Community
06, 07, 09, 13, 14, 20, 21 Aug 2022

As the first catches of the day come in, Jurong Fishery Port quickly comes to life! Get a two-for-one as we not only trawl for deals on seafood but also hear the heartfelt stories from the community of fishmongers there!