Egg Tarts with Tong Heng Confectionery

About the programme

Known for their delectable Cantonese pastries and eye-catching packaging, Tong Heng Confectionery is a heritage brand known to many Singaporeans. Come and join this exclusive workshop with Ana Fong who will be demonstrating the art of Cantonese pastry-making and sharing the stories of her family’s business!

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S$20 (excluding eventbrite service fee)
Meeting Point
Entrance of Tong Heng Confectionery (285 South Bridge Rd Singapore 058833)


Dress comfortably. Masks are mandatory.

This is a non-vegetarian and non-Halal dish. Recipe contains lard, eggs and gluten. Participants are reminded to declare their food allergies, if any, in the registration form.

Participants must abide by the house rules set out by the host (eg. out-of-bound areas, use of toilet). Facilitators will brief participants before the start of the programme.

Please arrive 20 minutes before our scheduled meeting time for registration and temperature taking.

Please do not attend the event if you are feeling unwell.

Look out for our facilitators who will be wearing yellow or blue festival t-shirts.

Meet Ana Fong!

Hello everyone, I am Ana Fong, the fourth-generation of Tong Heng Confectionery. My journey with Tong Heng is full of twists and turns. Like most family businesses, I worked at the cashier on and off as a teenager. However, at one point, I made a clean break with Tong Heng, vowing to never work there again.

Never did I imagine I would return to the family business in 2011 to learn pastry making from scratch from my two aunties – the third-generation owners of the business. As I put all my time and energy to learn the skill from scratch, I began to realise why this business meant so much to my family and I felt that urge to update Tong Heng to make it more relevant to a changing customer base!

Gaining their trust over the years was understandably difficult as they were rightfully skeptical of my commitment but the moment I knew the trust was there was when they gave me reins over the renovation of our shopfront. So here we are today and I am very proud of the progress Tong Heng has made and will continue to make! I look forward to sharing more about my story and the art of Cantonese pastry making during the festival!

More about Tong Heng Confectionery

A beloved heritage brand known for their diamond-shaped egg tarts, Tong Heng Confectionery is no stranger to both the younger and older generation. Tong Heng’s doors first opened in 1935 at Smith Street as a teahouse (茶室), serving Cantonese pastries, coffee and tea. Although the brand went through a reimaging campaign in 2018, it has stayed true to its Cantonese roots, using ingredients and recipes that are unique to the Chinese culture. As the business grows, Tong Heng is hoping to grow their brand further to gain regional or international recognition.