Decorate My Marsiling with Tan Koon Tat

Admire Tan Koon Tat’s whimsical wonderland of HDB flats, adorned with our lovable MCF2023 mascots and emoticons, in a curator’s tour where he offers some tips and tricks in beautifying our neighbourhood.

About the Programme

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What’s For My Dinner
18 August 2023, 7 pm

Sawadee ka! Jia Pak Buay! Get a two-for-one as we not only feast on Thanannat’s signature stir-fried crab but also her brother-in-law Jasper Leow and business partner Lucas Ding’s local favourite char kway teow!

My Chinatown Festival
12 August 2023, 9 am

Embark on an “siew-mai-zing” adventure with Chu Shu Kei, a former East Ocean Teochew Restaurant chef, as he showcases the step-by-step process of making various dim sum classics. From the fluffy steamed buns to the delicate dumplings, you will get an up-close view of the intricate precision required to create these culinary masterpieces. Roll up your sleeves and join in the fun!

After Hours @ My Community
20 August 2023, 4 am

Witness the vibrant pre-dawn, behind-the-scene rituals at Chinatown Complex as grocers, fishmongers, butchers and hawkers come alive, preparing an array of fresh produce and mouth-watering delicacies.