Eurasian Sugee Cake
with Carol Drysdale-de Mello

About the programme

With the latest Covid-19 regulations dated 24 September 2021, this event has very unfortunately been cancelled. For refund requests, please email

This mouth-watering cake is a crowd pleaser that can be found in every Eurasian household during the festive occasions. Join home-baker Carol who will share her techniques and secret ingredients to achieve the perfectly balanced sugee cake!

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S$20 (excluding eventbrite service fee)
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Address will be sent to registered participants (Nearest MRT: Marymount)


Dress comfortably. Masks are mandatory.

This is a vegetarian and non-Halal dish. The sugee cake contains nuts, dairy, eggs, alcohol, gluten and other allergens. Participants are reminded to declare their food allergies, if any, in the registration form.

Participants must abide by the house rules set out by the host (eg. out-of-bound areas, use of toilet). Facilitators will brief participants before the start of the programme.

Please arrive 20 minutes before our scheduled meeting time for registration and temperature taking.

Please do not attend the event if you are feeling unwell.

Look out for our facilitators who will be wearing yellow or blue festival t-shirts.

Meet Carol!

Hi everyone, I am Carol! I have been a home baker for over 20 years and I love baking and cooking for my kids. I only began selling my baked goods recently after I became “famous” overnight through my son, Kurt, and our private home dining experience Casa Kumi.

The sugee cake which I will be demonstrating is special to me as it was my late father’s favourite cake. When he passed away, baking this cake became really difficult as it reminded me too much of my father but Kurt was always there to support me. I will always remember how Kurt’s words gave me the strength to bake this sugee cake again. This cake is a personal memory for 3 generations of my family and when you try my cake come MCF2021, I hope that you get a taste of my story and my love for my family!

More about Eurasian Sugee cake

The Eurasian sugee cake is a buttery cake made with egg yolks, butter and semolina flour mainly found in Singapore and Malaysia. Typically baked during festival occasions such as Christmas, the treat is a staple and enjoyed by many Eurasian families. Each Eurasian family has their own spin on the sugee cake and they guard their recipes and ‘secret ingredients’ fiercely.