Filipino Sweets
with the Filipino Association

About the programme

From the colourful sapin-sapin to the decadent royal bibingka, step into the houses of 3 different home bakers from the Filipino Association of Singapore and taste their delectable treats! This session is sure to leave you with your stomachs full and smiles plastered all over your face!

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S$20 (excluding eventbrite service fee)
Meeting Point
Address will be sent to registered participants (Nearest MRT: Jelapang)


Dress comfortably. Masks are mandatory

This is a vegetarian but non-Halal dish. The dishes may contain traces of nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten and other allergens. Participants are reminded to declare their food allergies, if any, in the registration form.

Please arrive 20 minutes before our scheduled meeting time for registration and temperature taking.

Please do not attend the event if you are feeling unwell.

Look out for our facilitators who will be wearing yellow or blue  festival t-shirts.

Meet the bakers!

Anthony Garcia

Hello everyone, my name is Anthony but you can call me Ton! I currently manage the Integration Section of the Filipino Association of Singapore and I am very excited to introduce my team of passionate home-bakers who will be sharing 3 desserts from the Philippines. We will be having Leveeh’s sapin-sapin Monina’s royal bibingka and Miguel’s guinataang bilo-bilo!

I am very excited to do this programme because I believe in the importance of inclusion and integration in Singapore’s multiracial society. I hope that this programme provides a platform for everyone to meet the everyday faces of the Filipino community in Singapore and make friends over a tasty dessert!

Leveeh Ian Pastor

Hi guys! My name is Leveeh and I will be introducing you to one of my favourite Filipino desserts – sapin-sapin which means “layered cloth” in the Tagalog. It is made with glutinous rice in 3 different colours – white (coconut strips), purple (yam/ube) and yellow (jackfruit). The dish is famous in Manila and locals would often queue hours for a taste of this colourful dessert!

As sapin-sapin is not widely available here, other Filipinos come to me for this slice of home. During Christmas in 2020, I made over 350 pieces in a single day with my wife, working over 12-14 hours! It was the most tiring day but reading compliments from other Filipinos made us feel that all the trouble was worth it. I look forward to seeing everyone during MCF2021 to share this taste of the Philippines!

Monina P. Pichay

Hi guys! My name is Monina and my husband and I came to Singapore in 1989. Outside baking, I own a home-based dress shop providing custom tailoring services in both ladies’ and men’s wear. In this session, I will be introducing the royal bibingka – an irresistible sweet and sticky rice cake topped with cheese!

For my family, the royal bibingka was present at every celebration from birthdays to graduations and Christmas parties! It would be always be at the centre of the buffet table and it was a dish I would surely reach for! I am very excited to share this part of my childhood palate and get everyone hooked on this sweet and savoury treat!