Singapore Jain Religious Society with P Timbadia

About the programme

Jainism is one of the three ancient religions of India, the others being Hinduism and Buddhism. While it shares similarities with the latter two religions, Jainism is a distinct religion of its own! Join Mr Parresh who will be sharing more about the history, principles, prayers and practices of this minority religion while taking you around the Singapore Jain Religious Society building!

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S$10 (excluding eventbrite service fee)
Meeting Point
Entrance of Singapore Jain Religious Society (18 Jln Yasin Singapore 417991)


Please dress respectfully (e.g. collared shirt, long pants and covered shoes). Masks are mandatory. Please refrain from bringing alcohol cigarettes and meat food items into the building.

Participants must abide by the house rules set out by the host (eg. out-of-bound areas, use of toilet). Facilitators will brief participants before the start of the programme.

Please arrive 20 minutes before our scheduled meeting time for registration and temperature taking.

Please do not attend the event if you are feeling unwell.

Look out for our facilitators who will be wearing yellow or blue festival t-shirts.

Meet Parresh Timbadia

Hello, I am Parresh and I have been President of the Singapore Jain Religious Society (SJRS) since July 2020! I was born into a Jain family so I have been a Jain all my life. For me, the path to achieving nirvana in Jainism is a step-by-step process akin to solving a puzzle. Through minor adjustments and constant reflection along the way, we are able to grow spiritually in this lifetime and draw one step closer towards enlightenment.

For the SJRS, what defines the society is our commitment to inclusiveness and tolerance. Regardless of our different understandings and interpretations of the Jain faith, we want to ensure that every Jain can practice their faith within the facility. As a leader of this community, I hope that we can unite as the Jains of Singapore in this journey towards enlightenment.

More about the Singapore Jain Religious Society

While the Singapore Jain Religious Society (SJRS) was only officially registered in 1972, Jains were practicing in Singapore since the 1910s. Religious activities were originally carried out at a rented facility on 79 Waterloo Street until 1978 when the leadership decided to raise money to purchase land for a space of their own.

Today, all activities take place in the Smt. Nirmalaben Chandulal Doshi Jain Sthanak which is located at 18 Jalan Yasin. According to the SJRS, there are approximately 1500 people registered in the Society with most of them being Singaporeans and PRs.