Sunset @ My Woodlands:
Photography with Liang Guosheng

About the programme

As the sun sets over the Straits of Johor, catch the most magnificent panorama at Woodlands Waterfront Park with Instagrammer and Woodlands boy Guosheng! Let him guide you through the park and share some of his favourite photography spots as well as his tips and tricks to capture the fiery sunsets at Woodlands!

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S$10 (excluding eventbrite service fee)
Meeting Point
Entrance of Woodlands Waterfront Park


Dress comfortably. Masks are mandatory.  Bring an umbrella in case it rains.

Bring along your own camera equipment (tripod, filters and other accessories) or a phone with an in-built camera.

Please arrive 20 minutes before our scheduled meeting time for registration and temperature taking.

Please do not attend the event if you are feeling unwell.

Look out for our facilitators who will be wearing yellow or blue festival t-shirts.

Meet Guosheng!

Since 2011, I made a commitment to run along Woodlands Waterfront Park every evening to lose weight and stay healthy. As I ran along the seaside park, I could not help myself but take a snap of the captivating sunset over the Straits of Johor with my trusty mobile phone. Days turn into months and my weight loss project has gradually became one to capture the sunset every evening.

This project (#WoodlandsWaterfrontDailySeries) is my way of telling others that beauty is all around us. You don’t need to need to venture out to other countries to experience these mesmerising sights. The beautiful sunset is literally at our doorsteps – right in our heartlands and neighbourhoods. I am very excited to bring you around my favourite spots at the Waterfront Park and to share some of my tips and tricks to best capture our Singaporean sunsets!

More about the Woodlands Waterfront Park

The Woodlands Waterfront Park is a coastal park offering a panoramic view of the Straits of Johor. Having lived in Woodlands all his life, Guosheng recounts that the Waterfront Park used to be a docking point for ships with an old oil refinery in the vicinity. While much has changed in the material landscape, the place remains a stellar spot to capture sunsets.