Welcome to My Pulau Ubin
with Ah Teck, Mr Choo
and Richard Kuah​

About the programme

Much more than just a place to cycle and trek, Pulau Ubin is an offshore island brimming with kampongs, stories and communities. Meet the different islanders on the different tour days as they bring you around their island home, sharing their personal recollections of the past and present. Don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to see Pulau Ubin through the eyes of the islanders!

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S$50 (excluding eventbrite service fee)
Meeting Point
Entrance of Changi Point Ferry Terminal (51 Lor Bekukong Singapore 499172) – Not to be confused with the SAF Ferry Terminal


Please dress comfortably and wear hiking/trekking shoes. Masks are mandatory.

Participants must abide by the house rules set out by the host (eg. out-of-bound areas, use of toilet). Facilitators will brief participants before the start of the programme.

Please arrive 20 minutes before our scheduled meeting time for registration, temperature taking and immigration matters.

Please do not attend the event if you are feeling unwell.

Look out for our facilitators who will be wearing yellow or blue festival t-shirts.

Meet the islanders!

Richard Kuah (Guide)

Hi everyone, I am Richard Kuah, a licensed tour guide and island hopper! Back in the 1980s, I owned a motorised dinghy and my friends and I would pilot from Sembawang all the way down Changi. Ubin was one of our stops in this journey and that was how I first encountered the humble island.

I must admit that back then, Ubin and I were only acquaintances and I only became more familiar with the island in 2019 when I started interacting with the islanders. After hearing their recollections of the former quarries and villages, I realised that this island was something very precious and different and I wanted to share the rich heritage of this island with everyone else! Let me bring you along this journey to hear the stories of the many islanders who still call this place their home!

Ah Teck (Island taxi driver)

Hello everyone I am Ah Teck, one of the taxi drivers on the island! I was born on Pulau Ubin and had lived there for 43 years. Today, I live on the mainland but I still come to Ubin every day to drive the taxi 7 days a week, 365 days a year – I don’t rest even during Chinese New Year or Christmas.

This island will always be my home. Although many things have changed over the years, there remains a strong sense of community on this island which I am proud to be a part of. I cannot wait to take you on a ride around Pulau Ubin in my taxi during the festival!

Mr Choo (Village elder)

Hey, I am Mr Choo and I have been living on Pulau Ubin since I was born. When I was 16 or 17, I started doing bicycle repairs on the island and today, my family and I run the bicycle rental shop at Block 45C!

Now, I spend most of my time in Ubin and I will only visit the mainland to buy groceries or eat at the hawker centres. When others ask me why I continue to live on the island, I think it is because I am used to it and that I am happy living here. I look forward to showing the participants my daily routine and sharing how the landscape has transformed over the years. See you then!