Xinyao with Cai Yiren

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Tune in to your favourite xinyao artists in this virtual performance! Catch Cai Yiren’s recollection about xinyao’s past and present before the artistes take over to perform our favourite hits from this iconic era of Singaporean music!

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Meet Cai Yiren!

Hello everyone, my name is Cai Yiren and I love xinyao! For me, xinyao is timeless and precious because it is not just about music but its spirit. It is that spirit of authorship (原创精神) and authenticity that defines xinyao as a Singaporean music, bringing Singaporeans together through shared experiences and stories.

I have been working to revitalise xinyao for over two decades through concerts, seminars, and outreach programmes in schools. For the older generation, I hope this virtual concert takes you back to the good old days and for the younger generation, I hope hearing these tunes will inspire you to carry on our uniquely Singaporean sound!

More about TCR Music Station

TCR Music Station is an events and concert company founded in the late 1990s by Cai Yiren. Besides organising concerts and musical events, the company is actively engaged in the promotion of xinyao music to a wider Singaporean audience. Through ad-hoc performances in community centres and outreach programmes in schools, the company hopes to revitalise xinyao and promote it as a uniquely Singaporean form of music.