A Day in the Life of My

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Did you know that some nurses deliver care outside the hospital? Join community nurse Antoinette Goh who will be shuttling between Community Health Posts (CHPs) and home visitations as she takes us on a day in her life as a community nurse!
Working tirelessly to ensure the welfare of his constituency while balancing his family commitments, find out how Mr Louis Ng does it all as he takes us on a day of his life as a Member of Parliament!
Beyond the day-to-day care of zoo animals, find out what else Poh Shan is up to as she takes us through a day in her life as a zookeeper with the Wildlife Reserves Singapore!
Working round the clock to keep our neighbourhoods spick and span, our estate cleaners are key in the maintenance of our estates! Follow Monir on a day of his life as an estate cleaner in Chai Chee and learn more about his story and work!