Decorate My Hood

At void decks and corridors in different parts of Singapore, festivities are taken to a whole new level. From Christmas gardens to Lunar New Year calligraphies– neighbours have teamed up to decorate their neighbourhood for all to enjoy. This year, we have rallied 6 teams to co-design National Day-themed decorations, infusing their neighbourhoods with a burst of patriotism. Follow us on a curator’s tour and meet these neighbourhood champions.

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After Hours @ My Community
19, 20 August 2023, 1 am

Singapore’s very own Tsukiji Fish Market is set to close by the end of March 2024 – Meet the hardworking fishmongers who work tirelessly to bring us the freshest catch of the day!

My Chinatown Festival
12 August 2023, 3 pm

Since the 1920s, the Good Morning towel has been an integral part of our lives. This simple yet significant towel was often seen draped over the shoulders of rickshaw pullers and labourers who helped build modern Singapore. Be enthralled as Sally Ho takes the stage to share the intriguing stories about the ubiquitous towels and napkins that become the icons of Singapore.

What’s For My Dinner
19 August 2023, 7 pm

A research assignment and their mutual love for Vietnamese cuisine brought Choa Chu Kang neighbours Grace Chew and Y Goh together as they serve you an array of delicious street snacks, including lemongrass chicken wings, xôi đậu phộng (peanut rice) and gỏi cuốn (spring rolls).