Decorate My Hood

At void decks and corridors in different parts of Singapore, festivities are taken to a whole new level. From Christmas gardens to Lunar New Year calligraphies– neighbours have teamed up to decorate their neighbourhood for all to enjoy. This year, we have rallied 6 teams to co-design National Day-themed decorations, infusing their neighbourhoods with a burst of patriotism. Follow us on a curator’s tour and meet these neighbourhood champions.

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My Chinatown Festival
06, 20 August 2023, 3 pm

Jacky Cheung is back. Aaron Kwok is back. Cassette tapes – the occasional dysfunctional format pushed aside by the CD – have made a comeback at the nostalgia-infused second-hand shop. Reminisce the good old days of Theresa Teng and sway to the infectious Cantopop rhythm with music record collector Roger Mak at MCF2023!!

What’s For My Dinner
12 August 2023, 7 pm

A serendipitous chat at the office pantry marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship between software engineers Paolo and Gineswari, whose shared passion for beach tennis and Italian food brought them to present Filetti di pesce alla livornese (Fish fillet in spicy tomato sauce) – A traditional Tuscan dish from Paolo’s seaside hometown in Viareggio.

My Prayers and Practices
19 August 2023, 10 am

Langgar is a community kitchen established in Sikh temples which represents the principle of seva, or selfless service, which is highly regarded in the Sikh faith. Watch the volunteers from Central Sikh Temple come together to prepare and serve vegetarian meals to visitors from the Boon Keng neighbourhood, regardless of race, language and religion.