Exhibitions @ My Chinatown Complex

Behind every hawker stall and sundry shop in Chinatown Complex that has stood the test of time lies a treasure trove of personal stories and heartfelt experiences. From beloved family recipes to tales of triumph over adversity, these stories will capture your heart and bring these hawkers to life before your very eyes. Treasures, in the form of stories, artefacts and photographs, await this coming August. 

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My Chinatown Festival
05 August 2023, 1 pm

Discover a kaleidoscope of vegetables, from earthy mushrooms to juicy tomatoes, at Chiam Eng Hong’s sprawling vegetable wonderland – a community magnet for infectious laughter and playful banter. Allow yourself to be drawn into the lively atmosphere, and who knows? You may just leave with a new auntie or uncle friend!

After Hours @ My Community
11, 18 August 2023, 9 pm

Venture into the lorongs and back alleys of Geylang and hear stories of the communities that call this place home after hours with long-time Geylang boy, Cai Yinzhou!

What’s For My Dinner
18 August 2023, 7 pm

Poolside chats between Yee Min and Vidhya’s husband evolved into kitchen adventures for the Thomson neighbours as they will be bringing you the traditional Keralan parotta (or prata) and Nadan Kohzi, a traditional dry-roasted chicken curry, in MCF2023. With robust, nuanced and rich flavours, these dishes are sure to be a crowd favourite!