Hello! My Chinatown

Hey there, curious minds! Ever found yourself wondering about the roar-ring powers of Tongkat Ali? Or perhaps you’re seeking a traditional remedy for a pesky cough? Chinatown Complex is more than meets the eye. Every stall has a story to tell and every corner holds a cherished memory. hop on a bus to Chinatown and say hello to the hawker heroes!

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What’s For My Dinner
04 August 2023, 7 pm

Try the Hakka abacus seeds prepared by the pair of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Ai Ling and Kai Yan, who live a street away in Bedok and encounter their shared passion for food and sewing.

My Chinatown Festival
06 August 2023, 3 pm

Let Sun Panda Pyjamas wrap you in a cosy cocoon of dreams, where every night is a “panda”-monium of comfort and style! From bustling beginnings to cosy corners, Uncle Lim and Auntie Lim have mastered the art of slumber fashion, offering the softest pyjamas, heartwarming conversations, and the comfort of generations.

What’s For My Dinner
05 August 2023, 7 pm

Meet the tight-knit Hadhrami Arab community in Loyang who will be serving up authentic Hadhrami Arab foods, including shakshuka, chicken kuzi and mouhalabia that are sure to capture your heart!