Let’s Talk About My Chinatown Complex

As a cultural, economic and historical centre, Chinatown Complex plays a vital role in preserving Chinese heritage, fostering community ties and showcasing the vibrancy of Chinese culture to both locals and visitors. MCF2023 has brought together a team of academics, entrepreneurs and visual artists to delve into various topics about Chinatown that hold deep significance for all of us.

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My Chinatown Festival
06, 13, 20 August 2023, 10 am

Explore a medley of tantalising flavours and everlasting friendships as fruit juice hawker Koo Fook Tho take you on a reinvigorating tour of the bustling Chinatown Complex to meet some of his long-time friends and favourite hawker stalls. Enjoy the friendly banter and light-hearted exchanges that keep your smiling throughout the tour!

My Chinatown Festival
06 August 2023, 4 pm

Build your fishy empire with Ong Swee Hin as he introduces Chinatown’s most sought-after aquatic pals. From the colourful bettas and graceful angelfish to the dazzling guppies and mesmerising discus, get hooked by his “fin-tastic” knowledge on fish care, home aquarium and breeding techniques.

My Lepak Corner
19 August 2023, 2 pm

Embark on an extraordinary journey of neighbourliness with Sandy Goh, who skilfully orchestrates a dedicated team of 150 volunteers in Bedok Reservoir to comb the food supply chain across the island and ensure that nourishment reaches those who are in need.