My Lepak Corner

Singaporeans possess a deep affection for our neighbourhoods, In the face of unprecedented challenges, we have demonstrated remarkable strength, coming together to support one another. This year, we have assembled an assortment of neighbourhood champions, who are serious about making their local area cleaner, greener and friendlier. Follow us to meet them and find out how they galvanise their neighbours to address specific needs and concerns within their neighbourhoods.

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What’s For My Dinner
05 August 2023, 7 pm

Neighbours Eiko and Ella, whose children attended the same childcare and primary school, will be showcasing their kaiseki dishes and anishi (or processed yam), a traditional Naga food. Be transported to both Japan and India on the same evening as you hear hilarious stories of their parenthood.

After Hours @ My Community
11 August 2023, 9 pm

What’s cooking in Balestier at night? Join us on a supper feast around Balestier and hear the stories of the many stall owners operating deep into the night!

10 August 2023, 8 am

What do Boon Tong Kee, Old Chang Kee and Pow Sing have in common? Join farmer James Sim on an egg-citing adventure as he reveals Kee Song’s secrets behind raising happy chickens for wholesome goodness!