Malaysia is Singapore’s closest neighbour and most dependable partner. From luscious tropical fruits to high-quality poultry, join us on a ground-breaking trip to Malaysia and uncover the heartfelt stories behind the farmers, fishermen, drivers and distributors, whose unwavering commitment ensure that every Singaporean is well-nourished.

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My Chinatown Festival
12 August 2023, 1 pm

Seeking a traditional remedy for a pesky cough? Or a refreshing herbal tea to beat the summer heat? Look no further as herb grocer Lye Woon Chuen traces the roots of your ailments and this legendary institution, from its humble street-side beginnings to its flourishing presence in Chinatown Complex. She has just what you need to alleviate your discomfort and quench your thirst!

My Chinatown Festival
06, 13, 20 August 2023, 4 pm

Nestled within Goh Choon Hock’s vast collection of Chinese cultural objects is his most prized figurine Wang Zhao Jun. Get a lowdown on the ancient Chinese beauty and other historical figures in an exclusive crash course!

My Chinatown Festival
19 August 2023, 4 pm

Tick-tock, it’s time to say hello to watch repairman Jerit Ong. Embark on a timekeeping adventure as he reveals the marvel of watch repair and the precision behind every tick. Don’t hesitate – time is ticking!