Malaysia is Singapore’s closest neighbour and most dependable partner. From luscious tropical fruits to high-quality poultry, join us on a ground-breaking trip to Malaysia and uncover the heartfelt stories behind the farmers, fishermen, drivers and distributors, whose unwavering commitment ensure that every Singaporean is well-nourished.

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My Prayers and Practices
13, 20 August 2023, 7.30 am

Alms round is a traditional Buddhist practice for monks to walk through the community and collect food or other offerings from laypeople. Discover what alms round looks like in the Bedok South neighbourhood with Phra Goh, one of Singapore’s youngest monks ordained at 23 years old.

What’s For My Dinner
18 August 2023, 7 pm

Mother-and-daughter duo Lisa and Pei Ying will be recreating familiar Hainanese foods with a vegetarian twist. Savour their rendition of chicken rice and mutton soup and enjoy their friendly banter!

05, 06 August 2023, 5.30 am

Green keeps the tummy clean. From sowing to harvesting and everything in between, follow vegetable farmers Li Yong and Hui Wen on an awe-inspiring tour of Kluang, where you will learn the ins and outs of sustainable farming – while laughing your way through quirky anecdotes and veggie-filled mishaps. Hop on the bus, grab your pitchfork, and let the organic fun begin!